Guide to the Orchestra
  • Guide to the Orchestra
  • Guide to the Orchestra
  • Guide to the Orchestra
  • Guide to the Orchestra

A curious customer walks into a shop where the sounds of an orchestra are playing. Upon finally getting the shopkeeper’s attention, the customer asks:

– “I would love to be part of an orchestra.”
– “You’ve come to the right place.”
– “Which instrument would you like to play?”
– “Which one do you recommend?”
– “Ah, well, for that we have to go back to the beginning!”                
– “Back to the beginning of the orchestra?”
– “No, back to the beginning of everything!

And so the Shopkeeper begins his fascinating guide to each and every instrument of the orchestra from its invention to its inclusion in the symphony. Along this time travelling journey, as each instrument is unveiled, we also discover about its historical context. Did you know that flutes used to be made of mammoth bone and vulture wings? Or that timpani used to be played on horses? And is it a coincidence that cellos were made fatter than violins just around the same time as chocolate was brought over to Europe from Mexico?  

Packed with original music to showcase each instrument, well-researched historical facts, and the trademark goofiness of Igudesman & Joo, audiences and listeners of all ages will feel inspired to discover more about the orchestra.

The piece was commissioned and given its world premiere by the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich for their 150th Anniversary Celebration Concert.


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