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You Just Have To Laugh – Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance

Horror Movie – Contemporary Classical Composition
Lullaby for Leo – Contemporary Classical Composition
You Just Have To Laugh – Engineered Album, Classical
You Just Have To Laugh – Producer of the Year

Make room in your CD collection between Haydn and Jay Z because the irrepressible Igudesman & Joo are releasing their first album, You Just Have to Laugh…featuring John Malkovich. For the CD, the masters of off-the-wall mash-ups — violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-ki Joo — have reimagined some of their now classic musical stews. The result is a joyride through two delightfully inventive minds, a place where every musical genre, pop culture reference and sheer wackiness feels completely at home.

On the debut CD, Malkovich is the voice of a maniacal agent, making increasingly preposterous demands that send Igudesman & Joo careening across musical time and space, from Brahms to blues, from cool jazz to country western.

“We wanted to do a CD that you could put on in your car, listen to intently or simply have fun having it on in the background,” Igudesman explains. As usual, the work of these classically trained, extraordinarily accomplished musicians defies easy categorization. What’s not hard to see is that the quirky CD is destined to become everyone’s aural fixation.

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